Blogger Newbie: Tips for a successful blogging

Experience is the best teacher

Its’s been a dream of mine to have a blog of my own with readers from all over the world ( who blogger does not want that? yeah IKR.)Β I have the skills to do come up with tons of website. BUT (personally) I dont have the right equipment to write something that anyone would love or like to read. I kept on doing building different sites but not for me. I tried making blogs in the past but I ended up forgeting to update it or worst I just saved everything in draft not trusting my grammar. I have so many thoughts in my mind I just dont know how to construct it right.

After studying and reading tons of blog on how to build up your blog the right way. I have gained my guts. my new problem is, will anyone on the planet earth would like to read my thoughts?

So if you’ve been through what im into right now.. PLEASE Share how you got over it? Shed me some light on how to overcome this newbie feeling? Any guidance will be appreciated. ❀

P.S. For the people who will just write negative comments,Β pls spare your time writing anything else. πŸ™‚ Im being honest here. It may sound stupid but I really like to know more.


Thank you!


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